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On the eve of your first day at school....

 Callum Mummy

My darling brave boy,

This is a letter that I hoped to be able to write, but dreaded the time coming. It’s the day I have feared for the past 4.5 years, and it has finally arrived.

I’ve been trying not to admit it’s here.

And I’ve not been sleeping so well for the past few weeks (well, months if being truthful) because if you don’t get to sleep, the next day doesn’t come, does it!

But now I have no choice but to face up to reality.

It’s the night before you go to school for the very first time, and I’m not doing so well.

My focus has been getting you to this stage we’re at right now!

Educating you about your allergies!

Supporting you through some horrific reactions that we didn’t think you’d beat!

Fighting for you when no one would listen!

Challenging those who thought they knew better!

Believing my gut instincts and following them!

Cherishing every single moment we have with you, and not taking a second for granted!

It’s been quite some journey that we’ve all been on with you over the past 4.5 years. It’s changed us all as people, and as a family.

I never knew that I was as strong as I’ve realised I am until I was tested to the core the first time you went into anaphylaxis. And I never knew a child could be so very brave as you have shown yourself to be!

You’re a hero in the eyes of many!

For you to reach going to school age is a big deal! A really big deal! There were times when we weren’t sure you’d ever reach 4.

And you have!

My beautiful brave boy, you’ve grabbed every opportunity with both hands and got on with it with such guts, determination and spirit. You’d put most adults to shame!

You have come so very far, and taught us so much!

I just hope and pray that we’ve taught you enough too!

Taught you to shout if you don’t feel well!

Taught you to say ‘no thankyou’ if you don’t trust any food!

Taught you about the medicines to keep you safe!

There’s been much excitement in the run up to tomorrow:

  • new shoe shopping (your excited face as you realised you had the flashing shoes you desperately wanted was so endearing!)
  • uniform shopping
  • coat buying
  • picking out a new lunchbox
  • choosing a special new medicine bag (minions, of course!)

I am so pleased that you are so excited!

You should be!

It’s such an amazing adventure you’re about to have, and I pray you have lots of fun while staying safe!

For now, you’re tucked up in bed, dreaming safely, and I will cherish this for as long as I live!

I may be struggling, but I wish you nothing but the best brave boy, and I hope you get an easy ride!

Lots of love,

Mummy xx

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