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In the run up to allergy testing day, or 'd' day as we called it, there was an ever increasing level of concern. We were asked to stop giving Callum his antihistamine medicine a minimum of 48hrs before the allergy testing was due to take place. The problem with this, it helps Callum get through his day with a lot less discomfort, and would mean virtually no sleep for the 2 nights beforehand. Scary when you consider that sleep time is the only true relief for our little 'el snottio'.

'D' day arrived, and off we trundled to the JR, with the biggest butterflies I've ever had in my tummy. I was knowingly putting my baby boy through a horrible experience, and although he desperately needed it to start his recovery, there was still an immense amount of guilt at being the one to agree to him going through such discomfort.

Oh my word, I underestimated the level of discomfort!! As Callum was covered in eczema on his arms and legs, they could only do the allergy testing on his back. 12 individual areas to be tested. For each thing they tested, they scored his back, put a drop of solution on the area they scored, then scored the area again.

I have always managed to stay strong when Callum goes through horrific experiences, it wouldn't help him if I was a snivelling, snotty wreck. This tested me to the absolute core. The look in his eyes of 'why are you letting them do this to me', and the screams each time they scored were just beyond the point of heartbreaking. Normally it's much easier to test because it would be done on the arm or leg, so Callum was just very unlucky!

Once all the solutions were finally on his back, we had to wait 15 minutes for any reactions to occur, before being called back in to find out the results.

They were the longest 15 minutes.....


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