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It's safe to say that Callum deals with challenges on a daily basis with stoicism, bravery and courage. Every day he has to overcome sore, burning, itchy skin all over his little body, as well as cope with constant weepy patches, and any additional reactions to anything he's been exposed to. That's a lot for a little dude to cope with, and we are immensely proud of how he handles it all.

Last Thursday, he took his bravery and courage to a whole new level, and words can not do justice to how incredibly proud we are of him!

Picture the scene, Callum was playing in big sister Chloe's room, Chloe decides that she's had enough of little brother being in her room, pushes him out and slams the door shut. It's a typical scene, probably played out in thousands of homes on a daily basis. Unfortunately for Callum, his little thumb got caught in the crossfire and was quite simply crushed in the door hinge.

As a mum, you get to know your children's cries, some you learn to ignore as whines, others make you jump and run, and very rarely you get the ones that make your blood run cold. This was one of those! Pounding up the stairs, I find my precious boy beside himself, holding his thumb, and utterly inconsolable. At first, having seen blood, I assumed that he'd simply got a glancing blow and graze. But as the blood continued to flow, and the thumb started to swell quite quickly, it became apparent that this situation was becoming somewhat more serious.

Jon went off with Callum to calm him down and see if he could stem the bloodflow, whilst I attempted to question Chloe to find out what had happened. Bless her, she was beside herself, 'I've broken my baby brother' is all she could just about sob. We were angry at the behaviour, but it was simply a very unfortunate accident, so couldn't get cross with her.

Going back to see how Callum was doing, it was quite obvious that he would need an x-ray as it looked suspiciously like it might be broken. Inspite of the tears, and shaking from shock kicking in, Callum remained brave. With Calpol administered, Callum was bundled in the car, wrapped in his favourite blankies, and he and I headed off for A&E, while Jon stayed at home with Chloe.

On arrival at A&E, I picked up a voicemail from Jon - he'd found Callum's entire thumb nail on the door hinge - it makes you wince just thinking about it!!

The team at A&E were fantastic, Callum was seen pretty much straight away. The entire time we were there, he shed not a single tear. He complained that his thumb was sore, and told it off for the bleeding not stopping, but he didn't cry. Not when they pushed and prodded to see if it might be broken. Not when they x-rayed in a number of different positions. Not when they cleaned it up as best they could. Not when they confirmed it was broken from the joint to the tip (a clean split straight up, like chopsticks). Not even when they bandaged him up and pulled it in error as they tried to pull the bandage on. He's 2! I've known grown men cry over lesser things!!

The dressings have had to be changed daily because the wound is continuing to weep and bleed - the entire nail bed is trying to repair itself, and this could take up to a month to heal! He's attended fracture clinic, as there was a concern that he would require surgery because of where the fracture is. Thankfully it appears as if surgery isn't going to be needed, but he's not been signed off by them yet.....

The only time he has cried since this first happened, was today at the GP surgery, when his dressing was changed. The wound is slowly starting to dry up, and when they removed the old dressing, it pulled on the wound, causing considerable pain. He initially cried, said it was sore, told his thumb off for hurting, and then smiled because 'it looks better mummy, see, no bleeding'.

I am in total awe of our little dude, he is quite simply the bravest little soldier there ever was! x

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