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It's the summer holidays, which means it's all about days out, warm weather (mostly) and ice cream!

Deliciously creamy and simple 2 ingredient free-from ice cream

So you want an ice cream in the warm summer weather, but you're dealing with multiple allergies and you can't find a good free-from option.

What do you do?

Well, we have our very popular chocolate ice cream, but we've also got this option for you, and it's a super quick, healthy and delicious one too!

In just 5 minutes, you can have creamy, refreshing and tasty ice cream that everyone will enjoy.

Sounds good doesn't it!

You will need:

1 bunch of bananas – peeled and sliced

2-3 drops vanilla extract

1 large baking sheet

Ice cream cones (Most supermarkets sell dairy free options)


Place the slices of banana on the baking sheet, and freeze for 1-2 hrs.

Remove the banana slices from the freezer, and place in a food processor along with the vanilla extract.

Blitz for a maximum of 1 minute until smooth.

Serve in a bowl or in an ice cream cone.


Deliciously creamy and healthy 2 ingredient free-from ice cream

Deliciously creamy and healthy 2 ingredient free-from ice cream!

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