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One of our highlights in the calendar, the fabulous Allergy Show Olympia, took place last week. 

Workshop for children 1 cross contamination

It’s the ‘go to’ event for people that follow a free from diet, and wonderful for everyone with allergies to meet just some of the wonderful people in the allergy community who ‘get it’ when it comes to living with allergies on a daily basis!

This year, the Allergy Show hosted a brand new ‘Family Corner’ featuring various different workshops to help support parents and children with allergies.

I was there for 2 of the days, running a workshop designed for children. It featured:

  • Glitter
  • Posters of the top 14 allergens
  • Water
  • Lots of shouting

For 20 minutes, the children who attended got to learn about the top 14 allergens, how to recognise them, find out about their favourite foods, how to keep themselves and friends with allergies safe and most importantly about cross contamination.

Workshop for children 2 cross contamination

We also made a huge mess thanks to a LOT of glitter which went down very well with the children involved!

Both sessions were fun, interactive and got the children to understand in simple terms why washing hands and cross contamination is so important to be aware of when it comes to allergies.

That's what the session was all about, teaching in a positive and non confrontational manner, which is exactly what we achieved from the feedback at the show!

The lovely team at Navitas sponsored both sessions, and provided us with the posters! And there’ll be even more for the Liverpool and Glasgow shows, so watch out for more information on them!

As part of the workshop, I asked parents to fill in a 30 second questionnaire, to find out how they feel about eating out with allergies, and if they trust others to make safe food!

Workshop for children 3 cross contamination

I’d love it if you, my lovely readers could let us know too!

And, as a thank you, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher – perfect for the start of the summer holidays!

All you need to do is enter here:

Nathalie & Callum of Intolerant Gourmand

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