The summer holidays is a fabulous time to regroup as a family, and simply spend some good quality time together. If we're all honest, it's something that is usually lacking in 'normal' every day life. It's not through any fault of ours, life just kind of gets in the way doesn't it.

There's always the mad rush of the morning, trying to get everyone washed, dressed, fed and bags packed for the day ahead. The inevitable sprint back to the house for the item you almost always forget (and usually when you're already running 5 minutes late!!) when you're trying to balance 2 kids, a laptop, more bags than you actually probably know what to do with, little toys that the children 'have to have' with them.....!

Add to that, the perfectly timed filling of a nappy, and the ensuing 'mummy, mine done a big poo, need mine nappy changed....!!'

You may laugh, but we've all been there, and if you're anything like me, it's at least twice a week, if not more!

On top of all this, Jonny works shift, and is either out at stupid-o-clock in the morning if on the early shift, or not back til late into the night if on the late shift. And he also has to work a lot of weekends.

It really doesn't leave much time for family life!

So, I really do cherish the time we get as a family, very much!!

I use the time to not just try to get back some energy levels, but also to catch up with the whole family, do things together, and enjoy spending as much time as possible together.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, Callum has loved having us around more. He's really blossomed into a cheeky, adorable, affectionate little boy.

He's become quite clingy to me too, and wasn't too happy with me going back to work at the start of the week.

But we've also noticed that he's become very angry on occasion.

All toddlers go through a phase of showing anger/ displeasure when they're told off for doing something they shouldn't. Tears of frustration if they don't like being stopped from doing something they're clearly enjoying. Screams to vent their build up of emotions.

Chloe went through this, she was quite a handful while we negotiated this part of her toddler journey, and we did struggle sometimes. It was hard work, bloody hard work as I'm sure you can all appreciate, sympathise with!

Callum is going the same way, no change that, gone the same way.

It's to be expected!

I'd be worried if he didn't have the same transition!


He seems almost more angry than Chloe was. And if someone has caused his anger, he wants to retaliate and vent his anger by doing something he really shouldn't.

Pulling up Grandpa's beautiful flowers...

Pouring almost a full bottle of blackcurrant squash all over our new kitchen floor and island unit...

Squirting cetraben into his brand new carpet....

When you tell him off, you can see he understands what's happened. He knows what he's done. Of course he does. He gets the whole consequences thing.

And sometimes he smirks.

Oh yes, this kid is smart, way too smart.

He outsmarts us regularly!

I'm now wondering if it's all the frustration of what he's gone through, and is still experiencing during his short life. The more I think about it, the more it seems to make sense.

Let's face it, the poor little dude has suffered so much, and been so poorly, and it's still this way. He's not reached a point where he's not suffering any more, we're still learning to control all his allergies and eczema. It's a constantly changing and evolving journey.

It's almost inevitable that it will eventually come out in some way or another. And I do think it is now starting to come out.

I just hope that he's not been too scarred or traumatised by what he's gone through, and hope and pray that life becomes just that little bit easier for him as life goes on.

After all, a mothers role is to protect their little ones for life, and it doesn't seem as if he's been very protected so far, no matter how hard I fight for him!

Have you experienced something similar? How did you cope with this? How can I help Callum any more than we do already?