Dearest Callum,

I don't normally write posts like this, and I'm not sure why this year I'm quite so emotional about it all!

As I’m sat here, staring at a pile of presents waiting to be wrapped, it’s got me thinking over the past year.

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Actually, it’s got me thinking over the past 4 years, and the incredible journey you have gone through.

Yours has most definitely not been an easy path. From very early on you’ve known much pain, suffering, discomfort and illness.

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From severe infected eczema at just weeks old which saw you dangerously ill. To severe vomiting and reflux due to CMPA. Stopping breathing on us due to undiagnosed asthma which had turned into pneumonia, and more.

You have gone through more than most would experience in a whole life time.

We have helplessly watched you suffer allergic reaction after allergic reaction, endless reflux vomiting, continual explosive nappies that would leave you raw and unable to sit down properly.

It breaks my heart to think of everything you’ve gone through, and the suffering it caused you! I fought so damn hard to get you better, and I refused to give up, irrespective of the amount of push back I got from the healthcare professionals.

When you were finally diagnosed, life got even tougher as your diet had to change dramatically to get you well again, and get rid of all the poison in your little body!

You just took it in your stride, as you always do. You knew I would do everything in my power to make it better, and trusted me to do so.

Thank you for believing in me little dude, I really hope I haven’t let you down!

Most days you would be sick as a dog, and on the very bad days, when you were hooked up to all manner of machines and having meds pumped into you to keep you going, and still you would be there with a smile to light the darkest of rooms, and be able to make all of us giggle at what you were doing.

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And in spite of all of this, my darling boy, you are such a joy to be around!

You are everyone’s ray of sunshine, and beam of bright sparkling light on dark days.

Even now, you still suffer so much, as your eczema is proving stubborn to control, and your asthma gives you grief due to the latest cold. And your diet still remains very restricted as your allergies are so severe.

And yet, you never ever complain. Not even once!

My gorgeous soldier, I am truly humbled by you and your bravery!

You truly are the most special, precious little boy there ever was, and I’m so incredibly proud to be your mummy!

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With proud emotional tears rolling down my face, know that you are so cherished by me, daddy and Chloe!

We are so very proud of the way you are helping me to help so many children who also suffer with allergies. Your courage is helping other parents to see that it will be ok, even when it feels as if hope has been lost forever, you suddenly start to turn the corner.

The world is your oyster little man, the stars your guiding light. Shoot for the moon and if you should miss, you will still be among the stars.

Love you to the moon and back, and have the most wonderful 4th birthday!

Mummy xx

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