Is it really possible to go on holiday when dealing with multiple severe allergies?

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It's the summer holidays at the moment in the UK, and all thoughts for most people usually turn to going away for a few days/ weeks. We all spend so much time working, spinning plates, running here there and everywhere, a holiday is needed to recharge our depleted batteries! 


Now, for most people, it's really simple, you find somewhere, you book it, you pack, and off you fly!

We used to be like that, and boy do I miss it!

Nowadays, it's safer, and easier to have a 'stay cation', because going abroad fills you with fear, especially if you can't speak the language and you end up in a medical emergency situation.

And don't get me started on the cost of medical insurance, as soon as you mention the word 'epi-pen' they quote a similar amount to roughly a months worth of mortgage payment!!

Bloody ridiculous!

So, I say easier, it still requires meticulous planning:

  • Finding out where local hospitals are, in case of any severe reactions
  • Organising extra meds to take as back up
  • Bringing a suitcase that's purely for meds
  • Packing up half the house so you have safe utensils to cook with
  • Bringing enough safe food to feed an army
  • Praying that you don't encounter any adverse reactions before you go
  • Taking safe bedding with you (duvet, pillow & all sheets/ covers)

Yep, it's like trying to put together an army regime, and equally as exhausting!

This year, having been in desperate need to get away, we ventured to Cornwall on a last minute trip. We did look into flying out to Kos, Greece, but I wouldn't have relaxed, and Callum just wasn't stable enough, having been in hospital just days before we went on holiday.

Well, Cornwall didn't disappoint!

It was truly amazing!

We stayed in a beautiful cottage on a farm in between Bodmin and Launceston, the perfect distance for most places that are recommended to visit.

I was worried that we might end up being really restricted because of the amount of allergies Callum has, and the fact he had just been on very strong antibiotics for a nasty hand infection.

I needn't have worried!

Everywhere we went, people could not do enough to help, in fact they bent over backwards to accommodate Callum as best and as safely as possible.

It was so refreshing!

To give you an idea, this is what we got up to:

And that doesn't even include the various pubs and restaurants we visited along the way! I'll be posting some reviews of them very soon!

Not a bad week of adventures eh!

I really recommend the area we went to, in fact, I highly recommend it!

We had the most perfect family holiday, and Callum was poorly while we were away too. We coped, we kept him safe, we ate with no issues, and he had no reactions!

I can't really ask for much more!

Give Cornwall a try, you'll be very pleasantly surprised!